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We are more than pleased to announce that this week we started working at our brand new office at Spokojna 2 in Lublin. We have taken great care of every detail. The spacious and comfortably equipped interior, chillout rooms with a billiards table, a big terrace and even more to make our day at work as […]


We are happy to announce that recently we have established our new entity in Japan. We can see huge potential and a lot of interesting opportunities on that market so right now we are looking for Japan-speaking ninjas to support us! If: You are a creative person who is willing to work in IT or […]


Code Europe is one of the largest programming conferences in Poland and tomorrow –  for the first time, this inspiring IT event will take place in Poznań. If you want to develop your skills, learn about cutting-edge technologies and meet with the top IT Specialists – you just can’t miss it. As Sollers we are […]

UMCS IT Academic Day: 22 October – it’s time to share our knowledge & experience!

22 October, Sollers Consulting will take part in the IT Academic Day at the Maria-Curie Skłodowska University, where the participants will enjoy practical workshops instead of academic lectures.

As we are eager to share our experiences and knowledge, we couldn’t miss such a chance!

Our developers – Marcin and Mateusz – will present a gripping topic: “Angular – taking JavaScript to the next level (powered by Google)”.

What does it mean in practice?

During IT Academic Day, an overall vision of Angular will be presented. Mateusz and Marcin will start with a simple comparison of traditional methods and Angular, next they’ll show the main framework components and tell how to use them. Finally, they will mention TypeScript and point out that Google works with Microsoft.

AngularJS is something more than a library – it is a framework which affects all aspects of creating JavaScript application.

At the conference, you will have a chance to talk with our HR, as well as IT Specialist.

We hope to see you there!