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We are more than pleased to announce that this week we started working at our brand new office at Spokojna 2 in Lublin. We have taken great care of every detail. The spacious and comfortably equipped interior, chillout rooms with a billiards table, a big terrace and even more to make our day at work as […]


We are happy to announce that recently we have established our new entity in Japan. We can see huge potential and a lot of interesting opportunities on that market so right now we are looking for Japan-speaking ninjas to support us! If: You are a creative person who is willing to work in IT or […]


Code Europe is one of the largest programming conferences in Poland and tomorrow –  for the first time, this inspiring IT event will take place in Poznań. If you want to develop your skills, learn about cutting-edge technologies and meet with the top IT Specialists – you just can’t miss it. As Sollers we are […]

8 July 2016
The possibilities are endless…

Many of our developers who work in  Lublin Sollers Consulting office, work there since the local office has been opened. Damian Lewkowicz, IT Designer from Sollers Consulting, shares his experience about his first months of work and tells us about challenges that he had opportunity to face with.

You are one of the first “Sollers”, who started working in Lublin. Could you bring back your memories from first months of work?

My first day of work coincided with the date of the official opening of the office in Lublin. I joined  the team of few developers who had started cooperation with Sollers Consulting a little bit earlier. Initially, my colleagues had been working in the headquarters in Warsaw, where they had a chance to get familiar with culture, core company values and also could integrate with other “Sollers”. I also spent my first weeks of work in Warsaw and then I quickly realized that Sollers is unique company. When I saw committed and passionate specialists who had highly professional attitude to work, I noticed that it is a place where I wanted to work and develop my skills.

I liked the fact that everyone there had an impact on the company- development path regardless of the fact they work in office in Warsaw or newly opened office in Lublin. My work and the high level of commitment, were appreciated and very quickly I became a member of the team that was responsible for the company’s strategy.

What kind of challenges do you face with in your daily work?

I joined Sollers Consulting team more than 3 years ago as an experienced developer. Then I specialized in Java and BPMS systems.  Apart from that, I had considerable experience in the technologies PL/SQL and C#. The first project that I was involved in, let me extend the knowledge of the C# and front -end technologies. Beside programming tasks, I was a technical leader and I was responsible for team and project management. Additionally, I participated in the meetings with the client, where I was  collecting requirements and proposing solutions. I really liked such challenges, that’s why after half a year I decided to develop at management path. It was the best choice I’ve ever made as I still  continue my development in this direction. I can develop my technical skills not only participating in creating our own product – RIFE, but also I can improve my soft skills by preparing offers and taking part in sales meeting.

How does the company support your development?

Thanks to the involvement in large – scale IT projects held in international environment, I can develop every day. In addition, I have unlimited access to e-learning platforms and company’s bookcase, where new items are added everytime we report such a need. I have also an invaluable opportunity to exchange knowledge between project team members or within the entire company. Additionally, depending on the experience and the position,each person has a clearly defined budget that can be used for training, certificated trainings or participation in conferences.

The possibilities are endless – this statement it is an excellent summary of all my adventures at Sollers Consulting :).