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We are more than pleased to announce that this week we started working at our brand new office at Spokojna 2 in Lublin. We have taken great care of every detail. The spacious and comfortably equipped interior, chillout rooms with a billiards table, a big terrace and even more to make our day at work as […]


We are happy to announce that recently we have established our new entity in Japan. We can see huge potential and a lot of interesting opportunities on that market so right now we are looking for Japan-speaking ninjas to support us! If: You are a creative person who is willing to work in IT or […]


Code Europe is one of the largest programming conferences in Poland and tomorrow –  for the first time, this inspiring IT event will take place in Poznań. If you want to develop your skills, learn about cutting-edge technologies and meet with the top IT Specialists – you just can’t miss it. As Sollers we are […]

How to become an outstanding software developer…?

What makes a great software developer and how to keep up with the dynamics of IT environment? Emil, our IT Designer, will share his experience with you!

How do you recognize good software developers?

Good software developers have the necessary technical knowledge thanks to which they can resolve efficiently their tasks and know the main technologies used in the project. They always care about high quality of the code, pay attention to unit testing and use dedicated tools for this purpose (e.g. Sonar). As a result, the code is readable, understandable and efficient. It is very important that the developers know all the possibilities of the programming environment which they use in their daily work, possess knowledge about the continuous integration tool (e.g. Jenkins) and tools supporting project management (e.g. JIRA).

Are hard technical skills enough to succeed?

Apart from the professional, technical development it is important to take care of the soft skills which are always in high demand. To the most desirable we can count communication skills (to express your own opinion in a clear and concise manner and adjust communication style to the audience), openness, flexibility, ability to teamwork and time management. They are essential in projects using Agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum), especially when the project team is dispersed – such situation requires not only to work remotely, but to communicate with several teams at the same time.

Very desirable, although unfortunately also very rare, is so called “business background”, which allows the developers to understand the business processes supported by the system. Thanks to such knowledge, the developers are able to foresee the impact of any modification on other system functionalities.

The IT area is growing rapidly. How to build the career path in the face of constant change?

The developers should strive to be experts in the technology in which they gained the most experience (and in which they want to develop their career). They should constantly observe trends and learn about technologies whose popularity is increasing. Software developers more than anyone else need to take care of constant development, learning and improvement. The most effective method is to learning from experts and to use the best coding practices.