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We are more than pleased to announce that this week we started working at our brand new office at Spokojna 2 in Lublin. We have taken great care of every detail. The spacious and comfortably equipped interior, chillout rooms with a billiards table, a big terrace and even more to make our day at work as […]


We are happy to announce that recently we have established our new entity in Japan. We can see huge potential and a lot of interesting opportunities on that market so right now we are looking for Japan-speaking ninjas to support us! If: You are a creative person who is willing to work in IT or […]


Code Europe is one of the largest programming conferences in Poland and tomorrow –  for the first time, this inspiring IT event will take place in Poznań. If you want to develop your skills, learn about cutting-edge technologies and meet with the top IT Specialists – you just can’t miss it. As Sollers we are […]

9 June 2016
Continuous learning and readiness to take up the challenges are the key to success.

Łukasz, IT designer at Sollers Consulting, shares his experience about his career path and flexible approach to learning new technologies.

Could you describe your career path at Sollers Consulting?

I joined Sollers Consulting team as .Net developer who had more than 4 years of professional experience. Despite, I wasn’t a junior developer (beginner?), the change turned out to be huge challenge providing the fast progress in my professional skills. As I have already been experienced in the CRM systems, the first task I received, was to develop internal CRM system using .Net. As it was well-known area for me, I could leisurely settle in the project team and the entire company.

The subsequent projects were definitely more challenging – the difficulty level has been raised gradually along with the increase of my competence. The next project team I joined was focused on developing the product using Java. After half a year I took over its leadership role, so I was able to design new solutions and decide on the direction of development of the system, which gave me a lot of satisfaction. After some time, I got another proposal, which resulted in huge change in my current career path – I was asked to join other project team and start programming in PL / SQL. I decided to take the challenge and joined the team implementing the system for one of our customers in the insurance sector. During my 2-year career in Sollers Consulting I was promoted from the Senior Programmer to the IT Designer and I gained expertise in several technologies.

How, beyond the challenges of design, Sollers Consulting supports you in professional development?

 I can take part in numerous training courses and workshops that are useful in performing ongoing tasks but also I can participate in trainings that are connected with my private IT interests. I have also unlimited access to the Pluralsight platform. When I started working at Sollers Consulting I was focused on Microsoft technologies. Now I can say that I am a specialist in a few different technologies. Thanks the career path I went through, I’m not afraid of any change as I know I am a competent employee with an extensive knowledge.

What are the biggest advantages of working in Sollers?

The most important advantage is the fast career development and the possibility to learn from the best developers. From the very beginning I had an opportunity to work with very experienced developers who have a wide knowledge and modern approach to software development. Working in such a team broadens horizons. Incontestable benefit in Sollers it is a great atmosphere which we all take care of. I come to work with pleasure – every day is full of interesting meetings and conversations. In addition, during the breaks we play table football, Play Station and board games, what give us a lot of emotions.

What is your greatest achievement in Sollers?

The greatest achievement was the possibility to design and implement a large module (with quite complicated business logic) in internal project. The module is used now by all Sollers in day-to-day work. Such tasks provide full of satisfaction and joy. It’s very encouraging when the team implements your ideas. I am also proud of the fact that I learned two new technologies in a short period of time, and I can help less experienced colleagues to become the professional programming.