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We are more than pleased to announce that this week we started working at our brand new office at Spokojna 2 in Lublin. We have taken great care of every detail. The spacious and comfortably equipped interior, chillout rooms with a billiards table, a big terrace and even more to make our day at work as […]


We are happy to announce that recently we have established our new entity in Japan. We can see huge potential and a lot of interesting opportunities on that market so right now we are looking for Japan-speaking ninjas to support us! If: You are a creative person who is willing to work in IT or […]


Code Europe is one of the largest programming conferences in Poland and tomorrow –  for the first time, this inspiring IT event will take place in Poznań. If you want to develop your skills, learn about cutting-edge technologies and meet with the top IT Specialists – you just can’t miss it. As Sollers we are […]

Wiosna Wiłkomirska,
at Sollers Consulting since 2007.
In my free time I like to travel and discover new places. Cooking and experimenting with new flavors is also my passion.

I am very pleased that our company, despite its considerable growth, has managed to keep a good atmosphere. The commitment, the willingness to cooperate and help is one of the special features of Sollers Consulting which we try to cultivate.

Why did you decide to join the team at Sollers Consulting?

Already during my time at university I knew that I wanted to try my hand at consulting. The scope of projects at Sollers – operational consulting – piqued my interest in the company. What encouraged me primarily were the diversity of challenges and the opportunity to see concrete results from my work. As an analyst, then consultant and senior consultant, I specialized in the analysis and reengineering business processes and defining the requirements for IT systems.

What do you remember about your first project?

The first project was a real challenge – I came to Romania, where we were preparing to launch a new pension fund. Actually, I had to learn everything from scratch, but thanks to the support of the team, who patiently helped me take the first steps, I found out that I thoroughly enjoy working in consulting.

In your opinion, what factors play a decisive role in the succeeding in consulting?

First of all, openness and speed of learning – in consulting one often needs to smoothly adjust to new situations. On the projects we work closely with our customers, which is why communication skills are also very important – you need to be able to listen and ask questions, but on the other hand, it is also important to be able to present own opinions effectively.

What do you currently do?

I am a manager and lead both consulting and implementing projects. I mainly deal with the insurance industry, I have learned a lot about its functioning and have been closely observing its modernization. In addition, I am lending a hand in many areas of the company: defining features of the insurance sales system developed in Sollers Consulting, supporting the PR team, as well as coordinating the activities associated with Sollers Consulting entry to the German market. Thanks to the latter, since over a year I’ve been using three languages: Polish, English and German in my everyday work.