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Let’s visit our office, talk to our developers about their projects and take part in the Alternative JVM languages workshop.
Last, but not least: Take part in the mini hackhaton –in a team of 4 other geeks to develop a game and win awesome prizes!


On 25th April, you could meet us @ Warsaw University to talk about career opportunities in Sollers Consulting. We were there just for you – to answer all your questions or doubts and give you some advice regarding your career! We also organized a lecture about testing and you could take part in the contest with algorithmic […]


Join the Agile Project Management Academy – learn about the true agile mindset and become familiar with Scrum – the highly effective project management framework. You will have an opportunity to learn about the core ideas behind Agile Project Management and why it is crucial to the success.

IT Infrastructure

Our work can be divided into two areas: we take care of the maintenance of the internal infrastructure and administration of operating systems, application servers, databases and internal network. We also support our projects, both internal and provided to the external customers, where we deal with the infrastructure of the project, configuration, server application, databases, and tools to support the process of the software development.

Currently I participate in a project for one of the largest British insurers. As part of my work, I am responsible for the redesign and implementation of modifications and improvements to the software development process of one of the key applications for the mentioned client. In addition, I am responsible for the installations and preparation of environments according to needs of the members of the project. I appreciate working at Sollers due to the fact that I can take part in many interesting projects, so that I have an opportunity to come into contact with the infrastructure and solutions of the highest quality and raise my own competence at the same time.

IT_Michal_Piotrowicz Michał Piotrowicz (IT Administrator)

Sollers is a constant challenge – every day here you can learn something new. Working in the company has shown me how to work effectively in professional project teams and how to use modern tools currently implemented in the IT industry. Working on maintaining the company’s internal infrastructure also enabled me to swiftly learn network application management, as well as of Windows servers and Unix.

IT_Piotr_Zasuwa Piotr Zasuwa (IT Administrator)

I appreciate Sollers Consulting for the fact that I can work here with the latest technologies. Adapting to new customer motivates me to learn unique approaches to problems, new technologies and applications. Sometimes the work requires the use of a different problem solving methodology. Working for different clients deters me from getting bored and falling into a routine – this is undoubtedly the best thing about a consulting company.

IT_Artur_Zalinski Artur Zieliński (IT Administrator)