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Let’s visit our office, talk to our developers about their projects and take part in the Alternative JVM languages workshop.
Last, but not least: Take part in the mini hackhaton –in a team of 4 other geeks to develop a game and win awesome prizes!


On 25th April, you could meet us @ Warsaw University to talk about career opportunities in Sollers Consulting. We were there just for you – to answer all your questions or doubts and give you some advice regarding your career! We also organized a lecture about testing and you could take part in the contest with algorithmic […]


Join the Agile Project Management Academy – learn about the true agile mindset and become familiar with Scrum – the highly effective project management framework. You will have an opportunity to learn about the core ideas behind Agile Project Management and why it is crucial to the success.

Ambassadors Program

Let’s meet Sollers Consulting Ambassadors for this academic year (2015/2016) to check, who can tell you about career opportunities at our company!

  • Aleksandra Więckowska (
    • University: Warsaw School of Economics
    • Course: Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems
    • Student activities: the organizer of Highway to Career conference, which was run by AIESEC organization.
    • Hobbies: diving (for over 8 years – certified diver!), skiing, traveling and fantasy literature.
  • Michał Kustosz (
    • University: Warsaw University.
    • Course: Information Technology and Physics at MISMaP faculty.
    • Student activities: the member of Choir of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics Faculty.
    • Hobbies: playing guitar, singing.
  • Paweł Chmielak (
    • University: Warsaw University of Technology
    • Course: Computer Science nad Physics
    • Student activities: the active member of student association “Polygon”
    • Hobbies: playing video and board games,  architecture and trains.
  • Piotr Siemieniuk (
    • University: Lublin University of Technology
    • Course: Computer Science
    • Student activities: a board member of student association „Pollub.NET, where he organizes thematic meeting and programming course named #DevAcademy
    • Hobbies:  movie’s montage, music(including writing his own lyrics)
  • Adrian Bartosz (
    • University:  Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.
    • Course: Computer Science.
    • Student activities: The leader of the student group UMCS.NET who coordinates the faculty workshops, the chairman of meetings related to .NET matters and robotics, organizer of faculty events (like Lublin Startup Festival, UMCS IT Academic Day, Meeting with Jeff Burton).
    • Hobbies: Cognitive Sciences, marketing, sport.


Who are Sollers Consulting Ambassadors?
Sollers Consulting Ambassadors are proactive students from Lublin and Warsaw who represents Sollers Consulting within student community and academic staff at their universities. We provide credibility and up-to-date information by engaging Ambassador in our activities. Each of Sollers Consulting Ambassadors have the opportunity to know us well, create and implement their own ideas and projects. All Ambassadors are in touch with HR team and they also participate in many internal company events:

  • focused on transfer of knowledge – to share experience and enthuse each other with ideas and interests (called “Brown Bags”)
  • to integrate and have fun (family events, new year events, sport events)

We appreciate engagement and willingness to act – during their one-year tenure Ambassadors receive scholarship and tools (tablet).