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Let’s visit our office, talk to our developers about their projects and take part in the Alternative JVM languages workshop.
Last, but not least: Take part in the mini hackhaton –in a team of 4 other geeks to develop a game and win awesome prizes!


On 25th April, you could meet us @ Warsaw University to talk about career opportunities in Sollers Consulting. We were there just for you – to answer all your questions or doubts and give you some advice regarding your career! We also organized a lecture about testing and you could take part in the contest with algorithmic […]


Join the Agile Project Management Academy – learn about the true agile mindset and become familiar with Scrum – the highly effective project management framework. You will have an opportunity to learn about the core ideas behind Agile Project Management and why it is crucial to the success.


We would like to give you an opportunity to verify your programming skills (coding, algorithms, bug fixing, SQL & optimizing). We invite you to partake in the Codility test, offered free of charge by Sollers Consulting.

10 May 2016

Let’s take the IT challenge, verify your programming skills by taking part in Codility tests offered by Sollers Consulting and take the profits from the good test result*!

17 March 2016

Emil, who is Consultant at Sollers Consulting, says about various and unique paths of working in Business Consulting area as well as project management challenges which allow to gain more and more professional experience.

9 February 2016

In late January we had the pleasure of welcoming in Warsaw students from the University of Cologne who were presenting their software applications, created as a part of the University’s LCD course in which Sollers Consulting has participated as a business partner.

15 December 2015

About continuous and dynamic development, various possibilities to upgrade the skills and openness to daily challenges says Jarek, Budzianowski, IT architect.

6 November 2015

About holiday internship program at Sollers Consulting allowing young people gain their first work experience and face opportunity to establish long-term cooperation, says Paweł Chmielak, a student of Warsaw University of Technology.