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On 21st November we organized our first Open Day in Poznań Office! We hosted 42 students and 2 professors with whom we shared our experience and knowledge and had a lot of fun during Fifa and table soccer’s tournament. Do you want to know more? Let’s see the photo relation from the event!


Do you want to be a developer or business analyst?
We are happy to invite you to participate in the Sollers Open Day at our office which takes place on 21st November!


Let’s visit our office, talk to our developers about their projects and take part in the Alternative JVM languages workshop.
Last, but not least: Take part in the mini hackhaton –in a team of 4 other geeks to develop a game and win awesome prizes!

Training and development

Employees are the main value of our company. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, we provide our customers with innovative solutions. We have a personalized training path, supporting the development of competencies adequate to the needs. In addition, each team member has an assigned coach, supporting the onboarding and professional development.

People with a small working experience start as analysts in our advisory team. As a part of our project teams, they work directly with clients and participate in the exploration, design and implementation of the new solutions. We set ambitious objectives and challenges, as well as provide a clear career path – every six months, following a periodic evaluation, we enable promotion to a higher position.

As part of the professional development of our employees, we offer two paths – management and specialization.